Sunday, August 5, 2012

Meet Our Authors on our blog and theirs

This month our authors want to connect with readers, so we're featuring them here on our blog. Check back daily to see who's up next.

Also, many of our authors are posting special posts on their blogs this month. I've invited them to list their links in the comments section below. We hope you'll check them all out! We have some of the BEST authors in the world. :-)


  1. On MAGIC of the MUSES ~ Eileen Schuh

    She was afraid...

    It was a dark and lonely time in my life when she came to me…a tiny girl on a ridge, lying on her belly, watching danger unfold in the valley below. Listening....

  2. Here's my blog site. My recent blog is about bringing characters to life.

    Hope you'll stop by.


  3. Here's my blog site. My most recent post is about the male lead of my novel, Joseph (10 guesses which one).

  4. Hello. I'd like to introduce you to my blog! Just click my name and you'll find me. I am a new author so please be gentle with me. ;) hehe

    My debut novel WHITE HEAVEN WOMEN - a Paranormal suspense, is set in Whitehaven, Cumbria, England between 1899 - 2000.

    THRILLING NEWS! I absolutely love to play and I'm pleased to also announce that three of the White Heaven Women's main characters each have their own facebook page. They are over the moon about this!

    Yes, I'm a nutty fun loving Cumbrian lass who is convinced her parents were aliens from the planet Chircon because they laugh a lot

    Anyway, I hope you find time to pop along and chat with each character. They really do love answering questions. The first two in the list below have NOT haunted anyone in quite a while, so they're a tad lonely, especially now that Sally is busy with her job and another new baby on the way! :))

    Please copy and paste the links to each one, thanks.

    The rebel teenage Mother:

    Lady Constances daughter, Beth:

    The "author" of White Heaven Women:

    Blessings :)

  5. You can visit my blog, The Suspense is Killing Me, at

  6. If you get a chance, please check out my blog and website.

    Stay a while, look around, join my Facebook Page, follow my Tweets, and if you still have questions about my work, send me an email. I'm always happy to hear from readers.

    Just click on my name.

  7. You can visit my blog at anytime. Then, view my website and learn more about me and my writing.
    Metatron: The Angel Has Rise - ebook and paperback.

  8. Here is my author blog and the blog for my YA speculative novel,SHIFTERS is

  9. You can visit my blog Kat Scratch here

  10. Nighthawk talks to Becki Green who can be found in A PURSE TO DIE FOR For by Melodie Campbell and Cynthia St-Pierre.

    (Thanks Cindy!)

  11. Vegetarian foodie and amateur sleuth Becki Green, featured in A PURSE TO DIE FOR, posts veggie recipes and mouth-watering photos in cases like The Case of Tomato Goat Cheese Tart.

  12. Robin Winter here--

    I'm finishing my edits on my book NIGHT MUST WAIT, for Imajin Books. It's the story of four American women friends in the sixties caught up in an African civil war that incites a civil war between them that will not stop at murder.

    My blog can be found at