Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Meet James Hoch

Why Write?

One of my recent blogs on Red Room (http://redroom.com/member/james-hoch) was titled “Why Read?” It presented several reasons why I have been a lifelong avid reader. This blog taps into reasons why I gravitated to writing.

So as I was cleaning the pool at the campground that I’m working at, the owner asked, “Why do you like to write?” No one had asked me that before. I paused with skimmer in hand, searched for an intelligent answer, and said that it was a creative switch of gears since I was no longer composing music.  After he left as I was vacuuming a ton of sand off the bottom (I get a lot of time to reflect while cleaning the pool) I determined that there were actually bigger reasons why I enjoy writing, like for example, playing God. As I tell my story, I get to create the characters. I can make them stunning, dressed to the nines or dirty and homeless. I can mold their features, giving them a hip hairstyle and coloring as well as interesting facial features and body type. Then, there’s the setting, placing the characters in locations that I may know or have dreamed about.

Another big reason I enjoy writing is the challenge to tell a good story.  The kind that captures the reader and makes them want to stay with you to the end, making your novel a real “page turner.”  Here’s where I get to use my imagination, something I don’t think I ever lost from my childhood. I also believe it is an ability that many lose as they get older. (Read my blog “Flexing the Imagination Muscle” http://redroom.com/member/james-hoch/blog/flexing-the-imagination-muscle)

Additionally, there is the task of choosing the right word to fit the sentence whether it’s finding the appropriate color description for a sunset or the perfect word for that penetrating scream. Of course, there’s the whole grammar business, making one’s sentences something your high school English teacher would be proud of.

Frequently, I hear people say, “I’ve always wanted to write a book.” Going from the desire to having the finished product in your hand really is an enormous effort.  I don’t think most people realize what is involved.  It is a tedious, long process.  From the writing period, to the editing stage, and finally to the marketing scene, the journey can be very trying and discouraging.  And then, there is the parade of rejections and building up that thick skin.  Many a time I’ve wondered if it is all worth it.  Of course, it is when someone remarks, “I really enjoyed your book” or they give you a five-star review. 

Imajin Books (www.imajinbooks.com) is kicking off their Summer Sizzle 2012 with all sorts of enticements to get you reading.  Of course, I’d like to suggest my novel, HECKEL CASEY. One reviewer said it’s, “a relaxing summer read that fulfills the guilty pleasure of a totally enjoyable book. http://amzn.to/M8n2wB  #eBook #thriller

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  1. You are so right about writing. There's many reasons to want to but a lot of work to actually do it.