Friday, August 31, 2012

New release: The Zombie Always Koncks Twice by E. Van Lowe

Hollywood, California, is known for swimming pools, movie stars…and now the risen dead.

Hollywood can be a difficult place to grow up, especially if you’re Kristine Golden, a fifteen-year-old necromancer with a sworn duty to lay the risen dead back to rest and no desire to be in the movie business.

When handsome deadie Alex Romero swaggers into her life, Kris must keep her promise, despite her growing feelings for him. If that’s not enough to give a girl a headache, a murderous zombie comes knocking at Kris’s door, rocking her world and threatening her family.

Can Kris solve the mystery of the rampaging zombie before someone else winds up dead? Or will the walking dead take over Hollywood and turn it into…Hollyweird?

Book Details:
ISBN: 978-1-926997-74-2 (Kindle ebook); $3.99 US; August 21, 2012
ISBN: 978-1-926997-81-0 (Trade paperback); $12.99 US; , 2012
Language: English

Editorial Reviews:

"The Zombie Always Knocks Twice is your 'backstage pass' to the hidden underbelly of Hollywood, the one few tourists get to see, where there are almost as many 'Deadies' as there are starlets. In this trailblazing mash-up of zombies and movie buffs, E. Van Lowe puts the 'weird'—not to mention totally awesome—in Hollyweird! It's Buffy meets Entourage—with a little Columbo thrown in for good measure—in this incredibly hilarious, twisted, action-packed mash-up of zombies, necromancers, murder, made for TV movies and a fair sprinkling of old Hollywood lore for good measure. Whip-snap pacing, a kick butt heroine, a plot involving zombies, starlets, movie studios, murder, mystery and enough shady characters to fill Central Casting, The Zombie Always Knocks Twice is your ticket to a grand adventure worthy of the big screen." —Rusty Fischer, author of Zombies Don't Cry

"If you want an insight into the secret underworld of Hollyweird, complete with zombies, grave goblins and fast-talking necromancers then look no further than The Zombie Always Knocks Twice. E. Van Lowe is a writing force to be reckoned with and you are in masterful hands from the first page to the last. I loved everything about this fabulous, funny, snarky book and am giving it a big zombie thumbs up!" —Amanda Ashby, author of Zombie Queen of Newbury High

"Hooray for E. Van Lowe's The Zombie Always Knocks Twice, which breathes new life into the YA Paranormal genre with more than a little bit of tongue in cheek and a whole lot of fun.  Lead by a teenage necromancer who loves to quote movie themes, wears pink fuzzy ear muffs and is desperately trying not to fail algebra, the cast of characters keeps the reader engaged and breathlessly awaiting the next installment." —The Paranormal Romance Guild

Available at:

Thursday, August 30, 2012

New release: SpaceHive by Kenna McKinnon

There's a buzz in the air—and it's deadly…

After getting kidnapped by giant alien bees, twelve-year-old Jason Anderson is transported to a spaceship called SpaceHive. There, he learns of a horrifying plot to annihilate Earth's human population so that extraterrestrial bees and wasps can migrate to a new world.

As a swarm of spaceships make a beeline toward Earth, Jason must convince three friendly worker bees to help him escape his space prison and find other humans to aid in his mission to stop the invasion. But General Vard, wasp commander of the Black Watch, has other plans.

Can Jason unite the nations of Earth in their common fight to destroy these alien invaders? Or will Earth be lost to the sting of conspiracy and a worldwide massacre?

Book Details:
ISBN: 978-1-926997-75-9 (Kindle ebook); $2.99 US; August 10, 2012
ISBN: 978-1-926997-
Language: English

Editorial Reviews:

"JIVE HIVE is a fast paced, cross-pollination of a plot populated with invading giant wasps and bees sure to sting the imagination of its target audience." —Paula Shene, author of Mandy the Alpha Dog
"Sometimes humorous, sometimes terrifying, and always imaginative, this high-tech, interplanetary tale will keep you buzzing through page after page. You will never look at bees the same way!" —Val Muller, author of Corgi Capers: Deceit on Dorset Drive

"Wickedly funny and brimming with satire—a strange and quirky twist on the science fiction genre that will leave you in stitches. Highly recommended for youngsters and their parents alike!" —Derrick Hibbard, author of Impish

"Many novels have a sting in the tail, JIVE HIVE is literally full of them! I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. JIVE HIVE is not only imaginative, but also extremely thought provoking. An absolute credit to this first time author. Bravo!" —Philip Parry, author of Wishful Thinking

"Don't get stung and miss this. You'll hive a great read and get a buzz." —Alan Place, author of Pat Canella: Dockland Murders

Available at:

New release: White Heaven Women by Jessie B. Tyson

Separated by Death, Reunited by Fate…

In the year 1899, in Whitehaven, Cumbria, UK, Lady Constance Witherspoon, only 14 years of age, gives birth to twin girls during a tumultuous storm. Lady Elisa (Beth) is born with a diagnosis of demonic possession, while her twin, Lady Sarah, is crushed and killed when the ceiling collapses in the storm.

In the year 2000, Sally Witherspane returns home to Whitehaven and is haunted by relentless nightmares about demons and a baby crushed at birth. To discover the meaning of these dreams, she seeks the help of the local psychic, who instructs Sally to attend a past life meeting. It is there that Sally meets Beth Witherspoon.

Persuaded by a ghostly blue apparition, Sally documents a family history filled with deception, abuse and an ancient evil, and she must summon strength and faith to become the woman she is destined to be, one of the last descendants of the White Heaven Women.

Book Details:
ISBN: 978-1-926997-70-4 (Kindle ebook); $3.99 US; August 7, 2012
ISBN: 978-1-926997-79-7 (trade paperback); $13.99 US; August 24, 2012
Language: English

Editorial Reviews:

"Jessie Tyson evokes the sights, smells, accents and atmosphere of early 20th century northern England to give us a tale of re-incarnation that marches past even our present times; a novel of hope and of the multiple chances that re-incarnation provides the soul in search of enlightenment." —Shane Joseph, author of The Ulysses Man

"A terrifying tale of reincarnation, demons and protective blue ghosts. Debut author Jessie B. Tyson paints a literary landscape of bygone days so skillfully the main characters leap off the pages into our hearts." —Betty Dravis, best-selling co-author of Six-Pack of Blood

"Jessie has written a fast paced book with vivid characters. The sense of place is thoroughly described and puts the reader firmly in the scene—I could imagine everything clearly. Her main character is likeable and you will find yourself wanting to know what happens next. A great book to get lost in on a rainy day." —Dionne Lister, author of Shadows of the Realm

"Nobody knows how to entwine a novel together better than Jessie B. Tyson, as she draws us into a life with Beth, a young lady who seems to have the most complicated life and survival. Beth's path is paved with horror, suspense, paranormal, life, death, love and hate all woven together with such powerfulness, so real, so fragile, yet gripping enough to keep you on the edge to know more. I fell in love with Beth and her sharp mind, fragile body, and her warm heart, and you will too." —Peggy Grigowski, author of A Glimpse of What If

Available at:

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Meet Kenna McKinnon

Kenna McKinnon
Author of SpaceHive

Many people are involved in my progress from a five-year-old girl who rhymed "stars" with "Mars" to the 67-year-old author of a published novel.

I give credit for my recent success to Imajin Books and Cheryl Tardif in particular, that quintessential writer's editor, publisher and mentor. Cheryl took me under her pinions and taught me to hone the technicalities of creating an engaging novel.

My writing career probably began for sure from 1971-1975, the years I spent at the University of Alberta under some truly astonishing professors. Although I've only recently been published during the past 2 ½ years, I've spent my life writing. Writing is my passion. As a child, my only ambition was to be a "journalist" although I wasn’t sure what that meant. Poetry was my first love. An anthology of poetry has been published by Authors for a Cause this summer. An early reader's chapter book, BENJAMIN & RUMBLECHUM, co-authored with a friend, has been accepted by a publisher in California.

Together my parents instilled in me a work ethic and determination to succeed despite all odds. I say this because in 1978 I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia after first displaying symptoms in 1975, my graduating year from the University of Alberta. I've battled abuse, alcohol dependence, mental illness including delusions, obsessions and compulsions over a period of almost 40 years. My education and experience taught me to think and to feel and to never give up.

In both ebook and trade paperback formats, SPACEHIVE will appeal to science fiction/fantasy readers of all ages, with a special nod to middle readers/young adults who like Pixar-like action and, more especially, the appeal of adventure and youth.

Hope you enjoy SPACEHIVE. It was fun to write.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Safe Harbor by Rosemary McCracken FREE August 21-23

How far would you go for family?
Financial advisor Pat Tierney’s world is shattered when a visitor to her office tells her that Pat's late husband is the father of a seven-year-old boy. Stunned by the revelation of her husband's affair, Pat is even more shocked when the woman bolts from the office, leaving young Tommy behind.
When Tommy's mother is murdered, police tell Pat that the boy may be the killer's next target. In a desperate race to protect Tommy, Pat's searches for the truth and uncovers a deadly scheme involving illegal immigrants, trafficking in human body parts and money laundering.
And Pat discovers that she'll do just about anything to keep her family safe.
FREE Kindle edition - August 21-23
Editorial Reviews:
"An absorbing page-turner you won't want to miss." —Rick Mofina, bestselling author of The Burning Edge
"Rosemary McCracken has a deft touch for writing believable exciting plot...a great read." —Maureen Jennings, author of the Detective William Murdoch mysteries
"Fast-paced...compelling...will stay with you long after you've turned the final page." —Gail Bowen, author of the Joanne Kilbourn mysteries
"A clever, original combination of domestic cozy and international intrigue…hooked me from page one until the final action-packed pages." —Rosemary Aubert, author of the Ellis Portal mystery series
"An intriguing mystery. A highly entertaining read!" —D.J. McIntosh, author of The Witch of Babylon
Available at:

Meet Susanne Lakin

Innocent Little Crimes was inspired by Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None (sometimes called Ten Little Indians). In my psychological suspense novels, I prefer to kill my characters off psychologically rather than literally. To me, words and actions can just as powerfully destroy us completely as physical harm, which is what I intended to show in Innocent Little Crimes.
The key point of the novel, as hinted at in its title, is that we all commit “innocent little crimes” against others each day. Just one hurtful word can destroy a marriage or ruin a person’s reputation and send them into despair. Piled up, small hurtful words and actions can have a cumulative effect. I also wanted to explore the theme of revenge, and how it can eat away in us, and never brings any measure of satisfaction. Only forgiveness and letting go of blame and anger can free us.
If you are intrigued by this topic, I hope you will read my award-winning novel Someone to Blame. I think you can tell, by the title, what the theme of this book is.
I’ve been writing novels for twenty-five years, and when I’m not writing psychological suspense, I write fantasy. I currently have a seven-book fantasy series out (the first four books have been published so far) called The Gates of Heaven, and they are a collection of deep, rich fairy tales for adults, full of metaphor, evocative language, and happy endings. I suppose I alternate writing fantasy and suspense to ease up on the tension! I like to throw in a few talking pigs and feisty rumphogs to liven up the action!
I love to hear from my readers, so come find me on Twitter and Facebook or visit my website! I also write a blog for writers to help them in their writing journey: Live Write Thrive, and I work professionally in the US book publishing industry as a copyeditor and writing coach. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area (Santa Cruz) and have two daughters (grown), a wonderful husband of thirty years, three persnickety cats, and a very BIG Labrador retriever named Coaltrane. 

Meet Jeani Rector

Words have always conjured up pictures in Jeani Rector’s mind. From the exotic locations of H. Rider Haggard’s King Solomon’s Mines, to the social inequalities of S. E. Hinton’s The Outsiders, to the inner torments of Edgar Allen Poe’s work; all made lasting impressions since she read them as a child.

She knew that a story could transport the reader into realms outside the norm; if a story was especially well-written, it could absorb a person and create a compulsion to finish it. A well-written story holds the promise that the very next page could deliver the mystery the reader seeks, yet instead it continues to tantalize and withhold the prize until the very last page. A well-written story grabs the reader in a relentless grip until the end.

When Stephen King made his debut in the 1970s, Jeani was introduced to the excitement of horror and she devoured books in the genre. The horror she read was not evil or wicked, but instead it felt like riding a roller-coaster: a thrilling ride to be sure, but one could get off safely when the ride was over.

In the early years of the millennium, Jeani Rector began writing stories of her own and submitting them to horror magazines with some success. But when the economic crash of 2008 occurred, many horror magazines went out of business. When even the renowned online magazine The Harrow went on hiatus, Jeani realized that someone had to start a magazine to take the place of all those that were folding.

Who would be that someone? Why, she would.

Jeani Rector is the founder and editor of The Horror Zine and has had her stories featured in magazines such as Aphelion, Midnight Street, Strange Weird and Wonderful, Dark River Press, Macabre Cadaver, Ax Wound, Horrormasters, Morbid Outlook, Horror in Words, Black Petals, 63Channels, Death Head Grin, Hackwriters, Bewildering Stories, Ultraverse, and others.

And now Jeani has taken all the deliciously dark delights from The Horror Zine and placed them into the book titled WHAT FEARS BECOME, available on paperback and Kindle, and published by Imajin Books.

From horror masterminds Bentley Little, Ramsey Campbell, Graham Masterton, Joe R. Lansdale, Elizabeth Massie, Piers Anthony, Melanie Tem, Cheryl Kaye Tardif, Scott Nicholson, Conrad Williams, Simon Clark and a host of other respected authors, poets and artists comes WHAT FEARS BECOME, a terrifying collection of bone-chilling, nail-biting horror that is sure to keep you awake until all hours of the night.

“Each spine-tingling chiller takes the reader into the depths of eerie imaginations.” ― Fangoria

“This anthology is like a fearful breath from an ancient crypt; enter if you dare!” ― Midnight Street Magazine

“There’s nothing like a good scary story, except a lot of them, collected in an anthology from some of our top horror/suspense writers. So read one and be scared, or read a few and be good and scared, or read the whole book and lock all the doors and stay up all night listening to the house creak…They’re terrific.” ― William Martin, New York Times bestselling author of BACK BAY


You can visit The Horror Zine at

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Meet Halli Lilburn

The Art of Lying
Good story telling is a marvellous fascination.  As readers we enjoy escaping our mundane lives and entering an entertaining world of the imagination.  We want to participate in the mystery, adventure or romance without it affecting our reality.  We like being swept off of our feet, thrown some danger in our face and be wooed by a beautiful hero.  At the same time, we don’t like being cheated, we don’t like our favourite characters to die and we don’t want to realize the story isn’t real.  So we implore authors to fool us.  We ask them to lie to us, but we want to be unaware of the lie.

Authors have to be many things besides literary scholar.  They have to be a promoter, editor, researcher, fairy godmother and evil stepmother.  They have to get you to love their characters, then do something really mean to them before redeeming them from the black pit.  They have to get you to love them, hate them, fear them, and then love them again.  They have to hook you in, pull you through treacherous waters and place you safely on the shore.

My newest YA novel “Shifters” released through Imajin Publishing has some farfetched ideas like reality shifting and transformation along with some very real threats to our existence such as human cloning and the misuse of natural selection.  Of course, it is all speculative, but I wanted to convey these possibilities in a believable way.  The characters are just regular people who find themselves in a terrible situation.  In this way they find hidden strengths they did not know they had.

It was challenging to portray a science fiction world within a very real one.  There isn’t anything to research on such a subject and I’ve always been told to write what I know.  So I invented a way to lie to myself by adding an element that eliminated the need for research.  I wanted to create four different worlds within the same book so I shift realities.  As long as I explained myself, I was off the hook.

Readers take a great risk every time they crack open a book because it might change their life.  Like committing to a long term relationship, the last thing we want or expect is betrayal.  We give our hearts to another and hope they take good care of it.  We give our time and emotional stability to an author when we read their works.  Literally we are saying, “Here is my mind, teach me about your world.  Here is my heart, break it and make me believe it.”

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Meet Robin Winter

I wrote the book to entertain, but that’s never enough, I also wanted to provoke, to inspire and incite. I lived in Nigeria, grew up there, saw the violence of coups and demonstrations, the strength of its incredibly varied peoples. Evacuated by the civil war, I saw Nigeria torn apart while I lived a safe cold exile in New Hampshire.

Time passed, I went to college and met amazing women, and had and have still their friendship. So in this novel I spin together a theme of expatriate women in friendship plunged into war, and how the things they bring from the heart of their pasts twist everything that follows in the light of day. My point is not that women are as good as men, it’s that we are as good as ourselves, and gender is incidental. So in this story, we have women with and without men. However, a man is never the meaning of any of my womens' lives.

Then there is the political aspect of a white expatriate writing about the most powerful black African nation. I hope I do this humanly. I’ve read obsessively on Nigeria, lived there, smelled and tasted it, and I have loved it. But there's no going back and Nigeria doesn't belong to me. This is one of the other themes pervading every page, the push-me pull-you adoration of a superb and vibrant land, and the inevitable parting from it. There are the conflicts of feeling a presumed superiority to native peoples, struggling with the eventual realization that those feelings are contextual and all the strength of one kind of society cannot be transposed or infused into another. There's no simple way to help, there are only human individual ways that must be rooted in humility.

I remember the Nigerian Civil War. The Biafran War. Not many Americans do. It was short, it was messy. I was an evacuee watching TV in New Hampshire, glued to those images of starving babies the newscasters warned ‘might be disturbing’, but my parents felt that they could not edit what I knew even if I was ten years old. I believe they were right, and this novel is my answer.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Purse to Die For by Melodie Campbell & Cynthia St-Pierre FREE August 18-20

A Purse to Die For by Melodie Campbell & Cynthia St-Pierre

What’s more treacherous than navigating a pack of society matrons at a designer sale? 
Stalking a killer…
When fashionista and television celeb Gina Monroe goes home to attend the funeral of her late grandmother, the last thing she expects to encounter is murder. And the reading of the will is anything but fashionable as unanswered questions arise. Who is the dead woman in the woods behind the family house? And why is she dressed in Milano designer clothes?
With help from her cousin Tony and Detective Rob Dumont, Gina investigates the not-so-model citizens around her. When another murder occurs, a pattern slowly emerges and Gina wonders if her grandmother's death wasn't so natural after all.
Book Details:
FREE Kindle edition - August 18-20
Editorial Reviews:
"Page-turning pace, fascinating characters, sly wit, and a plot that will keep you guessing." —Janet Bolin, Agatha-nominated author of Dire Threads
"Fast-paced suspense, charismatic characters, and dialogue to die for. Brisk plotting with a deadly twist at the end." —Lou Allin, author of She Felt No Pain
"Campbell and St-Pierre have style in the way they present, develop and portray their characters. This novel grabs hold of you from the get go with its cast of wacky and malicious relations. A delightful novel with complex relationships and a series of shocking secrets. The authors have a knack for wonderful turns of phrase, which are one reason why this novel is a delight to read. Then there is one mystery after another and suspense building to an unforgettable conclusion. Campbell and St-Pierre create a delectable concoction of savoury and unsavoury characters, sex, delicious humour and suspense. This winning combination can't help but delight readers." —Garry Ryan, Lambda-nominated author of Malabarista
"An old fashioned murder with modern sensibility; stylish characterization, and delicious plot; artistically woven." —Rebekkah Adams, author of Front Porch Mannequins
Available at:

Meet Melodie Campbell

Why a Mystery Writer?  It’s the Maze.
 A horrible crime occurs.  Murder most foul.  The police are stumped, and it looks like the criminal will get away with it.  Then along comes an amateur detective who follows a set of clues, and with supreme logic, solves the mystery.  Justice is served.

I want to say I write mysteries and suspense because of a deep-seated need to see justice done in the world.  I really want to say that.  But it’s not true.

I love to read and write mysteries because they are clever.  They force me to use my brain.  Who is the killer?  Can I come to the same conclusion as the detective, at the same time, following the same trail of clues?

Traditional mystery novels are like a chess game.  In writing the novel A Purse to Die For, I discovered that mysteries must be plotted carefully, strategically.  It is a convention of mystery writing that the reader receives the information at the same time as the detective.  Anything else is considered cheating. Clues must lead to the solving of the crime.  The reader must be able to go back and see the trail, once he/she has finished reading the ending.  But the ending can’t be too obvious – that’s no fun.  So it’s the clever mix of laying several trails like those of a maze that intrigues me as both a writer and reader.  The trick: only one leads to the fateful conclusion.

A good mystery with a bang-up ending – logical, but original – gives me a kick like no other book.  I marvel at the cleverness of the author.  In short mystery fiction, I devour that twist at the end.  In my own short fiction, you can count on a twist ending.  

I love the wonderful delight that comes from stumping the reader…in making them say “Ah! Didn’t see that coming.”  I’ve given them a challenge, and hopefully at the end, a smile.  There is no greater high.

Melodie Campbell is the author of 40 short stories and three novels, including A Purse to Die For, co-authored with Cynthia St-Pierre.  She has won 6 awards for short fiction, and was a finalist for both the 2012 Derringer Awards and the Arthur Ellis Awards.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Meet E. Van Logh

Humor Me

When I was a boy growing up in the Bronx I never thought of myself as a funny person.  Oh sure, I liked making my older brother laugh with a well-timed arm fart, but my early writing was dramatic, almost melodramatic.  As an undergrad I’d read Hubert Selby Jr.’s Last Exit To Brooklyn, an epithet-filled tale about the horrors of living in 1950s Brooklyn.   I decided these were the kind of stories I wanted to tell.  The difference was I wanted to tell my stories about growing up in the hard-scrabble streets of the South Bronx. 

I set out writing humorless tales about the underbelly of society.  I gave one of my gut-wrenching tales to my brother, and as he read it he started to laugh.  ”Hey, what’s so funny?”  I demanded.  “This,” he said pointing to the pages in his hand.  I loved making my brother laugh. However, I did not like making him laugh when I wasn’t trying.  I was insulted.  “Why is it funny?” I asked.  “Because this doesn’t sound like you.  This isn’t your life.”  I admit I had taken a few liberties, like my father holding up a liquor store at gunpoint and getting thrown in jail for trying to support his family.  My father was a cook.  And let’s face it, a cook isn’t nearly as exciting as a gun toting papa.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was on the road to writing humor.
Humor has served me well.  I’ve written for award winning sitcoms The Cosby Show and Even Stevens. With the first novel in my Hollyweird series: The Zombie Always Knocks Twice, there’s a good dose of humor, but is blended with exciting action scenes and drama.   This time I am not trying to prove anything to myself.  I am just trying to tell a good story.  I hope you enjoy it.

To learn more about me and my novels find me at
You can follow me on Twitter @evanlowe
Or like my Facebook fan page at

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Twitter Party celebrates Summer Sizzles with Imajin Books

Today from 10 AM to 10 PM EST, join us on Twitter at for a 3-day Twitter Party. We're hoping to give away lots of prizes--ebooks, paperbacks, gift cards, maybe even a Kindle, if we get lots of participants.

All you need to do is send out a tweet using either @imajinbooks AND #ImajinAuthors in your tweet.

Ever wanted to ask a publisher or published authors a question? Here's your chance. Your tweets can include questions about writing, publishing, life as a writer etc.

And if you can't think of a question, simply tweet about our Twitter Party.

Tweet Examples:

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The more you tweet using @ImajinBooks AND #ImajinAuthors, the more chances you have to win!

Meet Luke Murphy

Why did I write DEAD MAN’S HAND?

I’ve always had a passion for books, which stems from a family of avid readers.

My father and sisters read everything from novels to biographies and, although my mother died when I was young (cancer), my memories of her include a stack of Danielle Steele novels on her bedside table.
There is not a single moment when the idea for DEAD MAN’S HAND came to life, but circumstances over the years that led to this story: trips to Vegas, hockey injuries, love of football and gambling. Everything I’ve done in my life, every job I’ve held, every book I’ve read somehow contributed to my novel.

I’ve been fortunate to have obtained a number of jobs in different fields: professional hockey player, sports columnist, radio journalist—all have played a part in the conception of DEAD MAN’S HAND.

I’ve been a fan of thrillers since I was a kid…back to the Hardy Boys. I’ve been reading this genre for decades, so it only made sense that I write what I love.

I love Las Vegas! But for the glitz and glamour that is Vegas, I wanted to explore the underworld, of that with which people aren’t aware. My frequent visits proved that Vegas has a mystique with unlimited potential—the perfect backdrop for my story.

My protagonist, Calvin Watters, is not a ‘stereotypical’ good guy—a sadistically violent African-American debt-collector who was once a rising football star.
With the sports connection similar to my own, I could relate to Calvin’s attitude on overcoming setbacks after serious injury.

DEAD MAN’S HAND became real from mixing the events of my life, taking advantage of experts in their field and adding my wild imagination.

DEAD MAN’S HAND, although it has an autobiographical element, suggests how far (to Las Vegas’ underworld) the imagination can take readers and a novelist. My goal was to please anyone who loves thrillers, sports, or a walk on the wilder side of Vegas.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Chasing Clovers by Kat Flannery FREE August 15-17

Mail order bride, Livy Green, is desperate to escape the memories of her past. John Taylor will never love another woman again, but his children need a mother. Will they learn to trust each other, or will their pasts interfere?
Longing to escape the awful memories and the saloon she once sang in, Livy Green lies about her past so she can be a wife to John Taylor and mother to his two young children. Overwhelmed by the task, she struggles to put her resentment aside and love them as her own.
John loved his first wife and is still heartbroken over the loss, but he needs a mother for his children. When his distant and unfriendly mail order bride arrives, he begins to doubt his decision, though one glance into Livy's terrified green eyes tells him he can’t turn his back on her.
As Livy's past catches up with her and suspicious accidents begin to happen on the ranch, she is tempted to come clean and tell John the truth. But will he send her back if she does? Or will they forever be CHASING CLOVERS?

FREE Kindle edition - August 15-17

Editorial Reviews:
"This book takes your breath away in its depth of raw emotion and binding love. Chasing Clover is a page turner from the first page to its last page...I couldn't stop reading it. High fives all around!" —Lillian Cauldwell, Passionate World Radio, Inc.
"A compelling story line. A combination of suspense, tension and romance will keep you turning the page until the end." —Michelle Ferguson, author of From Away
"Everything I wanted in a Historical Romance was in this story…Any romance aficionado will love this book and this author." —Tammy Gaines, NovelOpinion
Available at:

Meet Chynna Laird

The Making of Dark Water

Most of my stories combine real experiences with weird dreams I’ve had, and Dark Water is a perfect representation of this.

Last fall, I had a dream that I was swimming and was suddenly tugged under the water. My dreams can be quite vivid so I felt my lungs burning with the need for air, and everything was distorted and blurry—just like it would look if you were under water looking up at the surface. Just when I thought my number was up, a hand reached down to me and guided me up to the surface. It was an elderly Native man with the kindest face I’d ever seen. He didn’t speak, but sang and motioned for me to come forward. Then I jolted awake to see my son lying on my chest, which explained why I couldn’t breathe properly!

The next day, I researched Native legends about water and The Watcher was born. I essentially created him, then built the story around him and the water legend. I chose West Hawk Lake as the setting because my family had a cabin there, where I spent every summer of my childhood. It was a beautiful place, but I always felt it was surrounded with a bit of eerie mysteriousness too.

Dark Water, then, is my tribute to one of my favorite childhood places as well as to my deep respect for the Native culture and spirituality.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Under a Texas Star by Alison Bruce FREE August 13-15

Under a Texas Star by Alison Bruce 

Disguised as a boy, Marly joins a handsome Texas Ranger in the hunt for a con man and they must bring the fugitive to justice before giving up the masquerade and giving in to their passion.
When Marly Landers is fooled by con man Charlie Meese, she's determined to bring him to justice―even if it means dressing up as a boy and setting off across the plains to find him.
Texas Ranger Jase Strachan is also after Meese, for crimes committed in Texas. He joins forces with the young boy in a journey that takes them to Fortuna, where a murder interrupts their mission. Jase is duty bound to find the killer, no matter the cost.
Marly carries out her own investigation and comes to the aid of Amabelle Egan, the sister of one of the suspects. But appearances are deceiving, and Marly is mistaken for Amabelle’s suitor, making her a target for the killer. Not to mention, Charlie Meese is still out there.
Under the Texas stars, Marly and Jase are drawn together by circumstances beyond their control, yet fate plots to tear them apart. Will Marly finally get her man? 
Book Details:
FREE Kindle edition - August 13-15
Editorial Reviews:
"A delightful Western tale that blends engaging adventure with spirited romance. Reminds me of Louis L'Amour novels...Bruce is a terrific story-teller...a complete joy to read. She immerses readers into a smoking Western that is also a spunky romance and reminiscent of the Texas Rangers television series." ―Christina Francine, Midwest Book Review
"Filled with realistic dialog and a good attention to period detail, Bruce manages to create a believable story that captures our imagination. Well written with a compelling plot, Under a Texas Star brings a delightfully new and strong heroine to the literary world. Highly recommended." ―Wendy Thomas, Allbook Reviews
"Alison Bruce's western tale of intrigue, murder, and love is a page-turning, action-packed, made-of-awesome read. UNDER A TEXAS STARbelongs on every reader's keeper shelf―it already has a place on mine! Love, love, loved it!" ―Michele Bardsley, national bestselling author ofNever Again
"Romance as sweeping as the Texas sky." ―Gwyn Cready, Rita award-winning author of Seducing Mr. Darcy
"This is a rollicking adventure and Marly Landers is a girl with True Grit." ―Phyllis Smallman, Arthur Ellis award-winning author of Champagne for Buzzards
"L'amour in the style of Louis L'Amour…Pin a silver star on this thrilling tale of love and justice in the old west." ―Lou Allin, author ofOn the Surface Die
"I loved the murder mystery…as well as the sense of humor which had me either chuckling or laughing out loud." ―Jacqueline Wilson, Deputy Sheriff for Publications of the Chicago Corral of the Westerners
Available at:

Blonde Demolition by Chris Redding FREE August 13-15

You just can't hide from the past...
Mallory Sage lives in a small, idyllic town where nothing ever happens. Just the kind of life she has always wanted. No one, not even her fellow volunteer firefighters, knows about her past life as an agent for Homeland Security.
Former partner and lover, Trey McCrane, comes back into Mallory's life. He believes they made a great team once, and that they can do so again. Besides, they don't have much choice. Paul Stanley, a twisted killer and their old nemesis, is back.
Framed for a bombing and drawn together by necessity, Mallory and Trey go on the run and must learn to trust each other again―if they hope to survive. But Mallory has been hiding another secret, one that could destroy their relationship. And time is running out.

FREE Kindle edition - August 13-15
Editorial Reviews:
"An explosive thriller as taut as a tripwire."  —Scott Nicholson, author ofLiquid Fear
"Bombs, assassins, lovers and friends all mesh together around the heroine to create a tapestry of intrigue, love, and adventure. Redding has a devoted reader." —Bri Clark, author of Glazier
An old flame, a new danger, and just the right number of twists pull you thru to the end of this intense romantic suspense. Hunky firemen not withstanding, what else could anyone ask for? A great read!" —Linda J. Parisi, author of Noble Heart
Available at:

Meet Alison Bruce

Deadly Beginnings 
It was a bright, sunny day. I sat under a beer umbrella in the square drinking Sleeman Cream Ale from a plastic cup. Guelph was celebrating it’s annual Multicultural Festival and I was celebrating the end of a long hot day. In no hurry to go anywhere, I pulled out my notebook and started writing...

It was a bright, sunny day. I sat under a beer umbrella in the square drinking Sleeman Cream Ale from a plastic cup. The beer was warm. I’d been nursing it for an hour, waiting for my client to leave his office.

So started my first draft of Deadly Legacy. When I decided to set the story in the near future, bright and sunny gave way to incessant rain as a nod to Blade Runner. It took a while before “the client” got a name, but his physical description was cemented that first day.

His pale face was a map of worry lines and a fixed frown. He wore one of those endurable overcoats and a matching hat, both advertised as 'guaranteed to protect your clothes from anything nature or environmental pollution throws at you.' It made the short, stocky man look like a walking tent.

The walking tent was really a man in his eighties. His coat probably fit him just fine when he bought it. Both hat and coat were almost certainly Endurables. Nothing else would have held up for so long. The short, stocky, worried man was wearing a business suit and had just walked out of a bank. The client was like Frankenstein’s monster, made from gathered parts. Not so the detectives.

Kate Garrett and Jake Carmedy came to me in a dream. From the start, they were real people in my mind. All I needed was the right story to bring them together.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Meet Kat Flannery

“I write because I have to.”    - Adrian Meade.

For every writer their reasons for writing are different, but Adrian Meade and I have something in common. We write because we have to.

I write to fulfill a purpose.

I have an itch that never goes away, a yearning that fills my soul, and a passion for the words yet to come.  The moment I place fingers to keyboard, or pen to paper I feel released from the ties that bind me to a normal, everyday life. I relish in the ability to take myself to another world where love and evil exist, and I can decide that love conquers all.

I write because I have to.
I write to stop the constant whispers inside my head. To halt the flashes of scenes and dialogue that run across my mind. I write to stop the restlessness and agitation within my hands. I write so I can sleep at night.

I write to tell a story, to touch lives, and to take my readers on an emotional ride. One, I hope will leave them smiling in the end.
I write because it is a need, a constant thought, a push from behind. It is a part of who I am—it is in my bones, and my blood.
I write to live, because if I couldn’t I’d no longer breathe.

I write because I have to.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Soul and Shadow by Susan J. McLeod FREE August 11/12

In ancient Egypt, a young priestess of the goddess Hathor is laid to rest in a beautiful tomb with everything she needs for her journey into the afterlife…
Three thousand years later, archaeologist Ursula Allingham discovers the mummy of Amisihathor and is confronted by a mystery. Is the man buried with the priestess really her husband? Or was she actually in love with a scribe called Kamenwati and separated from him in life as well as death?
To answer these questions, Dame Ursula turns to Egyptology student and artist Lily Evans, who reluctantly agrees to help. Lily learns that she is psychically linked to Amisihathor and  experiences a strange, unsettling phenomenon—the memories and emotions of the Egyptian woman. Luckily, Lily has her beloved pet Cleocatra and her irrepressible friend Katy to keep her grounded in reality. Or so she hopes.
Dealing with the challenges of falling in love with Ursula’s grandson Kent, the reappearance of her ex-fiance Stephen and the demands of her mother and her boss Professor Briggs, Lily soon realizes she has taken on much more than she bargained for.
FREE Kindle edition - August 11/12
Editorial Reviews:
"An enlightening, engaging tale with a pleasantly surprising twist...a literary treat for readers of all ages." —Apex Reviews
"Engaging…a double-storyline that weaves seamlessly back and forth between the present and the past through a clever plot." — Rai Aren, co-author of Secret of the Sands
"A deep and complex tale of deceit, danger and love." —Jenn L., Romance Junkies
"Writing good romance is like painting modern art. Most of it sucks but every once in awhile someone comes up with something brilliant." —Mark McGinty, author of The Cigar Maker
"Five stars and five golden tombs filled with priceless jewels." —Fran Lewis, author of My Name Is Bertha
Available at:

Meet Laurence St.John

I write because I love writing. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be doing it. If I happen to make a living at writing, that will be just a plus. When I sit at my computer and write I become so excited on the content I lose track of time.
I am endlessly inspired by my three grand-kids Kendall, Eli and Sadie. I write for them as well as my wife Julie, my son Joe and his wife Cari, and my daughter Jan her husband Andrew. Lastly, I write for my audience, the readers.

When my first granddaughter, Kendall, “Papa’s Angel” was born, this was one of the most uplifting moments of my life. This was one of the few times I actually cried in my life that I can remember other than when my father passed away. As I held her in my arms, she stared back at me with her precious smile. It was at this time when my emotions were running wild; I became inspired as well as determined to write my penned-up thoughts on paper. I decided to follow my true bliss, as some say and to write my first book. I also wanted Kendall to be proud of me; her Papa.
I am very passionate about writing books targeted toward young people but believe people of all ages will love my writing.  I am a father and grandfather but I still feel, and sometimes think of myself as a kid.

            While growing up, I was inspired, enthralled, intrigued and fascinated when I read fantasy, science fiction, superhero, and action adventure books. This is why I love writing middle grade fiction/fantasy novels. It is my deepest aspiration that Metatron: The Angel Has Risen will carry you away and inspire you the way so many awesome books have inspired me.


Friday, August 10, 2012

Meet Rosemary McCracken

Money a great motive for murder

 Unlike Pat Tierney, the central character of Safe Harbor, I’m not a financial professional. So why did I build my mystery novel around a character who makes her living managing people’s money?

Well, I know something about the work Pat does. I’m a journalist, and I write about personal finance and the financial services industry. For my articles, I talk to financial advisors and investment managers. I attend their conferences. I know the issues they face and the concerns they have. Most of them are caring, committed people, and do wonderful things for their clients by helping them get their financial houses in order.

At one point, I considered becoming a financial advisor myself, but I dismissed that idea. I wouldn’t have the stamina. I’d have sleepless nights during down markets, and markets have been murder in recent years. But when I set out to write a mystery series and was looking for a central character, an investment advisor was the first thing that came to mind. Pat has traits of some of the people in the industry whom I most admire. She cares about her clients. She goes the extra mile to see that they’re well looked after. She’s a champion of small investors. She has sleepless nights during down markets.

And Pat’s profession gives her a great edge as an amateur sleuth. Financial advisors need know what’s going on in their clients’ lives to ensure they are in suitable investments. They know if they have health concerns. They know how much money they have – or don’t have. And money is a great motive for all kinds of crime, including murder.
There’s one type of crime that Pat is well positioned to spot – white collar crime. The world of finance revolves around money, and provides opportunities for people who are clever and greedy enough to challenge the system. Think fraud, embezzlement, money laundering. There will always be bad apples in circulation, some of them working in the industry. Committed professionals like Pat want to see tougher penalties for fraudsters, and believe the system in Canada is too soft on offenders. They want to protect their clients.

In Safe Harbor, red flags go up when a rookie advisor is given a large investment account to manage. When Pat looks more closely at that account, she sees a sizeable part of its assets in invested in slowpoke stocks. Things don’t add up. And when thing don’t add up for a financial professional, something is very wrong.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Bridgeman by Catherine Astolfo FREE August 9/10

Some secrets can come back to haunt you…
Principal Emily Taylor feels safe in the friendly little town of Burchill—until she finds a body in her school. The murder of caretaker Nathaniel Ryeburn brings back memories she'd rather forget and plunges Emily into a mystery that involves a secret diary, an illegal puppy mill and a murderer innocently disguised as an ordinary citizen.
As fear rips through the traumatized town, Emily's investigation inadvertently leads the police to her door, and to her husband Langford, who is hiding a secret of his own. It becomes clear to Emily that many of Burchill's residents are merely wearing masks. And it's time for those masks to be ripped away…and for a killer's identity to be revealed.
Book Details:
FREE Kindle edition - August 9/10
Editorial Reviews:
"Astolfo grabs small-town Ontario and shakes it until its ugly secrets pour out." —Lou Allin, author of She Felt No Pain
"A story rich in detail with unexpected twists and turns that keep you involved right through to the shocking end." —Meredith Henderson, actress, film producer, poet
"Love and depravity, rebirth and rot, veneer and the real wood underneath—Astolfo brings these opposing forces into play as she creates the complex community that is Burchill." —Garry Ryan, author of the Detective Lane Mysteries
Available at: