Sunday, May 22, 2011

Alison Bruce is interviewed at Kindle Author

David Wiseman at Kindle Author interviews Alison Bruce, author of the historical western romance UNDER A TEXAS STAR.

"Under A Texas Star is a historical-romance-mystery set in the old west," Alison says. "Marly Landers and Jase Strachan are on the trail of the same fugitive. For Jase, it's a job. He's a Texas Ranger. For Marly, it's personal."
David also asks about Alison's journey to publication and her marketing strategies. Her reply: "Imajin books has been wonderful providing a cool book trailer, press releases and promotional advice and opportunities."

Read the interview at Kindle Author.


  1. I'm busy reading this ebook. Interesting so far and gives me loads of ideas for writing a best seller. If you write, read, right?

  2. That's right. Reading other writer's books will only help you to improve your own writing. I've been known to rip apart novels so I can analyse their structure. :-)